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Andrea G




April 12th, 2021


Hello Ava J’zs Foodies! Today I will be sharing a review of the Lemon Scoop Cake available at Meijer.

Have you ever eaten a cake that has everything you love about lemon cake and so much more? 

Well, let me tell you. Meijer has a moist and delicious cake that delivers in more ways than just one. Mejier’s Lemon Scoop Cake is a dream for people who love Lemon Cake.

This delicious creation has delicate pieces of yellow cake layered with lemon pudding and whipped cream. It is then topped with even more whipped cream and shaved white chocolate.

I must warn you that this cake is so tasty, you could easily eat the entire cake in one sitting. My suggestion is to share it with family and friends—you’ve been warned!

If you have a Meijer grocery store in your area, head on over and pick up a Lemon Scoop Cake for yourself. You’ll fall in love with this lemony goodness just as I have!